Common Google Pixel Problems And Their Solutions

Have you ever experienced the common problems of google pixel problems? At the moment, google pixel and google pixel XL is the best among all stuff. These smartphones use the best technologies and applications, still, users face some common pixel problems. Some users appreciate its services but some are fade up with its issues.  There are some drawbacks or google pixel problems which are encountered by the users. 


Some of those issues are listed below.  

  1.  Google pixel Wi-Fi problems 

It is considered as the most common problems faced by the users. These problems are based on speed, connectivity, and drops of theWi-Fi connection. But you don’t need to worry because can be recovered in a very minimum time.  

The first thing you can do is to switch off the device and on it again. Now slide down the notification bar of pixel smartphone and then turn on the Wi-Fi connection for a while. If this process helps you, reboot your device.  

If your problem is not resolved, you can fix it by resetting the modem or router. You can also go to the settings> Wi-Fi> forget the wireless connection. And again turn on your wifi connection. By using your username and password, reconnect the internet connection to fix there issues visit:


2.  Pixel Bluetooth Problems 

Users face issue while connecting the Bluetooth to their car devices. To get over this issue, delete all the Bluetooth pairings and then make the Bluetooth connection again. You will also be provided some advanced solutions which will be launched in coming time.  


3.  Pixel Camera Problems 

`when it is the matter of best camera resolution and picture quality, google pixel and pixel XL are considered on the top position. These two have scored the highest rank as per their specifications. Still, there are several hardware issues which can be resolved easily.  

For camera quality, lens flare is concerned which happens on every smartphone. If the picture comes very blurry, you should enable HDR+. in doing so you can remove fingerprints and dirt from the front portion. There are also issues with camera freezing, block freezing, and artifacts freezing. Google is working on this issue which will be soon introduced to the users.  


4.  Google Pixel Overheating 

The battery life of google pixel is superb. However, users experience overheating issues with the smartphone. Most of the users face this issue. This problem occurs when you play games or navigate the features for a long time. Apps also misbehave improperly. To avoid this issue, go to the settings> battery> and they will observe any suspicious activities like heating of smartphone or excessive power use. Or you can also uninstall the app to escape from the overheating of the device.

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